About Cheryl

I have been a full time licensed massage practitioner in the state of Washington for almost 30 years. In addition to my training at Seattle, Port Townsend and Brenneke Schools of Massage, I became certified in Lymphatic Drainage Therapy in Seattle with Diana Kincaid.

For many years I worked with auto injury cases and other musculoskeletal conditions. In recent years I’ve been drawn more to working with those looking for stress management and relaxation, relief from challenging and/or debilitating treatment protocols, and more rapid return of function post-surgery.

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I’ve become convinced of the vital need for and relevance of lymphatic therapy in today’s health care field. For example, although cancer treatments have improved dramatically in the past 10 years, there are still unpleasant side effects to the experience. When lymph nodes are removed or irradiated, problems may develop with the lymph system in that area. Lymph drainage therapy helps reduce swelling, boost immunity, and alleviate pain. It is very satisfying to me to assist clients in finding ways to be well during and after cancer treatments. Lymph therapy is useful for many other conditions as well.

My hands-on work has been influenced by many fine teachers and mentors as well as my interest in yoga and meditation. Weaving and fiber arts are my own means of stress management, and on a metaphysical level allow me to think about balance, interconnectedness, and harmony.

I am delighted with the massage and lymphatic therapy that I have received from Cheryl for the last 5 years. I originally went to Cheryl for massage therapy to reduce stress and blood pressure. At her suggestion, after breaking my ankle, she reduced the edema with lymphatic therapy. Now I am back on my feet, 99% healed with no edema. Cheryl is amazing!
— Margaret F.
I am fortunate to have had Cheryl as my massage therapist for nearly 10 years. Cheryl’s caring and healing touch helps me deal with my Osteoarthritis and the usual kinks and owies of getting older. I have especially benefited from her lymphatic therapy techniques which helps to reduces swelling. The week before I was to leave on a three-week vacation, I was suffering from a painful back (yes, I know, picking up grandbaby in the wrong way). Cheryl applied the smooth, relaxing, and comforting touch of lymphatic massage. For the entire three weeks that I was gone (which included long air flights) and after my return, I had no pain in my back. I attribute this directly to Cheryl and her mastery of using just the right massage technique for my problem.
— Kirsti C.