There are numerous conditions that respond favorably to lymphatic therapy treatments.  

Post surgery

Lymphatic drainage therapy is beneficial in conditions where there is edema  after surgery such as in  joint repair or replacement.  LT  applied soon after surgery can increase the ROM and flexibility within the joint,  significantly  reducing  recovery time.   Please see article:  ..........

Soft tissue injury

Sprains and strains involve pain and inflammation,.  Draining the lymphatic spaces within the tissues decrease pain and discomfort allowing for healing to occur more rapidly.  

Dental work/surgery

There are many lymph nodes in the neck and head region.  These lymph nodes are very active when there has been trauma to this area as in the case with dental work.  Lymphatic therapy on the face, neck and sinus'  can reduce pain, and  inflammation and decrease the chance of infection. Stimulating the lymphatic system with lymphatic drainage techniques in this area removes by products of healing, aiding in a quicker recovery.