Lymphatic therapy is a safe and effective means of improving immunity, recovering from cancer treatments, and bolstering health and well being in a variety of conditions.    

My 30 years of experience in therapeutic massage influences  the more specialized techniques of lymphatic treatment that I provide.  

Because it is such a light hands-on therapy, it is comfortable to receive even when there is considerable pain and swelling present. 


Massage therapy is  a common treatment of choice for many health conscious individuals.  Physicians  often refer patients to massage therapists  for help in recovering from injuries and illness.    Massage decreases the effects of stress, reduces pain in muscles and joints and calms the nervous system.  

Cheryl has helped me through several very distressing physical issues—a nearly frozen shoulder, a badly fractured wrist, and surgery on both feet—and has brought me back down to earth on numerous occasions when stress was putting me into the stratosphere. Her lymphatic drainage work is gentle, soothing, and incredibly effective, and her experience in this specialty combined with a long background in massage therapy make her the go-to person in Bellingham for pretty much anything that ails a person. I credit her with a much faster recovery after three separate surgeries on my wrist and feet. I have been a grateful recipient of her work for 9 years now—she is warm, welcoming, thorough, professional, and reassuring.
— Nancy M.