Massage therapy is the manipulation of soft tissue using techniques such as pressure, kneading, sliding, stretching, friction and vibration.  It is a hands-on therapy used to facilitate healing and whole body wellness.

It is recognized for its many benefits in treating numerous medical conditions.  It can help to decrease the effects of stress, reduce pain in muscles and joints and calm the nervous system.  Through increasing circulation, decreasing muscle tension and promoting relaxation, massage can alleviate discomforts brought on by stress or injury.  After an injury, the recovery time can be greatly reduced by receiving massage therapy as part of the treatment plan.

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Massage addresses many levels of our being both physical and mental.  When we reduce stress and let go of tensions, the body and mind restore more quickly and healing can occur.  Many people now use massage as part of their health care.  It is a tool to manage stress, recover from injury and stay healthy.

Because of my years of experience as a licensed massage therapist, I incorporate a variety of techniques during sessions of either massage or lymphatic therapy.   I find the combination to be very effective, relaxing, and renewing.